Day 12: Still somewhere in the Yukon







We have arrived at Otter Falls Cut Off, our camping spot for the evening. The camp owner reported it was -7 below last night. So before my eyes bugged out of my head, I quickly calculated how much propane we had left in the tank for heat and wondered if we were going to make it ‘til morning. Then I had a revelation, -7 degrees C quickly calculates to about 19 degree F. I just had a mind lapse with that silly metric system. Doesn’t 19 degrees sound so much nicer? So the owner also mentioned that the forecast for tonight would be much the same….
We are starting to show a little road wear. Our RV is filthy with dust and grim, not the same beast that pulled out of the Winnebago factory just 13 days ago. I won’t describe what I look like, but John resembles all the good parts of Grizzly Adams and Jeremiah Johnson. The beard growing contest may end soon though.
It was a six blanket night last night and early this morning before we left the Nugget City area, John discovered that the connecting RV water hose had frozen overnight. We are such novice RV-ers. Not only did we fail to get a temperature forecast, but we failed to disconnect the water hose during the night, which is apparently what you do when freezing temps are forecast. After disconnecting the hose (the faucet was frozen in the on position too, great!!!) and giving the hose a shower in our RV with the last of the hot water, we were able to reconnect and get the water flowing again. Just a minor kink. But all of that would prepare us for tonight. However, there is no water at tonight’s campground due to a last season early frost which broke the water pipes here. It is a good thing we are extra prepared in our RV with all of those conveniences, having filled up this morning following the frozen hose debacle.
We did not see an abundance of wildlife today, it was too cold and lots of animals might be hibernating still. We were all ready to try out our wildlife identification skills today (Our friend, Ed, would be so disappointed in us for our lack of animal skills). There was a little snow this morning and the skies were a little overcast for most of the day. Best to always be on the alert. The Alaskan Highway is predictably unpredictable. You can be driving along on a fairly nice section of road and then suddenly the road changes to dirt, gravel, loose stone and then back again. There was a little bit of re-construction due to road washout in route to our destination today that required a “pilot car” leading us and a string of traffic off the highway onto an alternative route (part of the original Alaskan Highway) for a mile or so in order for the culvert repair to continue. We can now say that we have experienced part of the 1942 original Alaskan Highway.
The highlight of the day was a stop in the city of Whitehorse where we arrived at the Visitors Centre and watched a short movie about the Yukon. They showed no “winter” shots in the film….funny since the frost free season is typically only June 19-August 19. Not sure what they were trying to portray…eh? The seasonal shots were especially beautiful and definitely an outdoors person’s paradise full of wildlife and every activity imaginable. An additional highlight in Whitehorse was lunch a local turn of the century landmark, the Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ. It was the best fish and chips we’ve ever had. John’s lunch included a large hot chocolate that was served in something that looked more like a soup bowl than a cup. Living large up here in the Yukon. It was perfect.


5 thoughts on “Day 12: Still somewhere in the Yukon

  1. Be safe, keep warm, tell John not to shave til the temps rise and continue to embrace the adventure! You are our heros!!

  2. Sounds like another great day on the road (sans the water debacle). I only wish I would have looked at your itinerary more closely. I have an old camp counsellor friend I worked with in Quebec back in early 70’s who works for Parks Canada in Whitehorse. We have reconnected through fb and she moved from NWT to Yukon last year… I suspect you all would have enjoyed sharing a bowl of hot chocolate and tales of your adventures in the Great North! She is avid runner, kayaker, hiker and all around outdoors person and would have been great source for animal identification tips!.

  3. Well we are certainly turning more green with envy every day we open your beautiful blog – seems so surreal!!! Like all those animals have been planted in the pictures and you are all standing in front of breathtaking murals – can it all be real? How incredible! And we noticed the fish and chip stop with complete jealousy – there will never be anything like that meal back in this area! Glorious adventures – even the 6 blankets and frigid mornings!

  4. So proud of you pioneers!! This will be an adventure you will never forget!! you should be ready to upgrade to a living quarters horse trailer soon so you can join Ed and I !!!

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